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Webinar: Cutting-edge software by Altair and Key to Metals companies to seamlessly solve your most challenging design, optimization and material selection problems.

CompMechLab Group and Key to Metals AG hold a webinar covering complicated parts' topology optimization, preparation for additive manufacturing and proper material selection right the first time with the most modern CAE software available in the market today. 

During the webinar CompMechLab engineers will present computer aided design&engineering platform Altair Inspire, developed by Altair Engineering, Inc. The Inspire platform has been developed specially for designers, engineers and architects to rapidly and efficiently analyze a part or an assembly design in terms of strength, stresses under loads, optimize its topology in terms of mass reduction and prepare a part for manufacturing. During the event you will see how easy it is to optimize and analyze a part with a complicated geometry and prepare it for manufacturing by embedded PolyNURBS tools. The webinar will also cover how Inspire platform can analyze a 3D-printing process once a part is being designed for additive manufacturing, as well as CompMechLab engineers will give a brief overview of other Inspire products and its unique licensing system.

In the last part of the webinar Total Materia database will be demonstrated by Key to Metals AG manager. Total Materia is the world's fullest and the most comprehensive database of materials mechanics and physical properties, which contains more than 500,000 materials divided into grades - metals and alloys, ceramics, polymers and composites. It includes more than 150,000 strain-stress curves, 35,000 materials with cyclic properties, international cross-references tables with equivalent materials, ability to export materials properties to CAE software and much more. Total Materia has a package and licensing option to suit your all needs. From the smallest single user packages to the global corporate licenses, Total Materia offers exceptional added value to your engineering tasks.

Webinar date: May 7th, Thursday

Webinar begins: at 13:00 CEST (14:00 Moscow/Riga/Helsinki time)

Expected duration: 75 minutes

Industries which the webinar is focused at:
- Automotive and automotive suppliers
- Aerospace and turbomachinery
- Heavy industry
- Marine
- Steel manufacturing and 3D-printing
- Civil engineering
- Materials science
- Architecture and design

Who should attend:
- Designers
- CAE Engineers
- Architects and civil engineers
- Industrial and manufacturing engineers
- Team leaders and project managers
- Academicians and technical students

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